Family-run Park City Haunted House is the only scream in town

Organizers say expect dimly-lit hallways with surprises around every corner.

PARK CITY, Utah — As Halloween approaches, the Park City Haunted House is ready to offer chills and thrills to visitors and trick-or-treaters while maintaining a strong sense of community involvement and a commitment to affordability.

Over the past six years, what initially began as a modest Halloween night attraction has evolved into a beloved tradition in the Park City community. Aiden Pfaff, a Park City High School senior, recalls the beginnings.

“We started only being open on Halloween for the trick-or-treaters,” Pfaff said. “But then we just thought if we can get it done for the weekend, we’ll run it on the weekends, too.”

He warns locals to keep their expectations in check, as “It’s not anything like the commercial haunted houses down in Salt Lake.”

The PC Haunted House operates on a unique and community-oriented principle as it avoids charging admission fees. Instead, they rely on the generosity of visitors who can make a donation on the website or in person. Pfaff believes that this approach aligns with their mission of making the event as accessible as possible to all.

Pfaff, who started the haunted house with his aunt, explained how it’s grown.

“After the first year, my whole family got involved, and then our neighbors got involved. Now it’s kind of a whole neighborhood deal.” Friends of Pfaff also volunteer their time on “show nights”‘ as actors around the attraction.

Aiden explained that Halloween allows him to combine a passion for spreading joy with his love for the holiday. Aided by donations and a growing collection of animated props, the haunted house continues to expand year after year, with new themes and attractions.

Visitors can expect a 20-minute walk-through. The Park City Haunted House team recommends ages 5-6 and up, although parents know best for their young ones.

Pfaff’s favorite features are the jump scares that catch guests off guard. Be on the lookout for a jumping canine…

On Saturday, Oct. 28, from 6-10 p.m., the haunted house operates at full capacity, with numerous actors and a local taco truck, The Border. Halloween night is more subdued, with fewer actors and a friendlier atmosphere to accommodate trick-or-treaters. On Halloween night, the haunted house will be in operation from 5:30-8 p.m.

This year’s theme, “Gruesome Castle Theme Park,” promises a unique experience and a change from last year’s “Reaper Motel.”

The Park City Haunted House team strongly suggests signing up online. There are options for free admission, general admission ($5) and, for those who prefer to skip the lines and enjoy expedited entry, a VIP admission ($10).

For more information, booking, and updates, visit the Park City Haunted House website. Don’t forget to get your tickets in advance to enjoy a seamless experience.

Book your reservation here.

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