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Health officials warn residents to avoid waterways after fuel spill in Parley’s Creek

The Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities confirmed that drinking water quality was not affected by the spill

SALT LAKE CITY — Officials have warned residents to stay out of certain waterways for the time being after a truck carrying up to 180 gallons of fuel was involved in a rollover accident on I-80 on Thursday morning, spilling an unknown quantity of fuel into Parley’s Creek.

According to a statement from the Salt Lake County Health Department, the accident happened on I-80, just below Parley’s Water Treatment Plant.

While the Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities has confirmed that drinking water quality was not impacted by the accident, health officials have urged locals to avoid waterways in Sugar House, Hidden Hollow and Parley’s Historic Nature Parks until further notice.

Fuel sheen was present on the water at Parley’s Historic Nature Park and Sugar House Park, and fuel odors were noticeable at Hidden Hollow Park and near 900 East. No sheen was observed at the latter two sites.

Absorbent booms have been placed in the waterways to trap as much of the fuel as possible, but officials say it’s unknown how much fuel spilled into the creek.

“The truck involved in the rollover accident was carrying up to 180 gallons of fuel in its two saddle tanks, but much of the spilled fuel remained on the roadway and in absorbent booms placed on the freeway by SLCoHD staff early this morning,” said a statement from the Salt Lake County Health Department.

Officials have not yet observed any impacts to fish or ducks as a result of the spill. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources said it will continue to monitor wildlife in the affected area.

The Salt Lake County Health Department and the Utah Division of Water Quality have sampled the waters in the potentially affected areas for testing, however, the results of this testing may not be available for up to a week.

Officials expect the forecasted rain to clear any remaining fuel not absorbed by booms in the recreational areas.

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