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Artist creates ‘abortion is a human right’ snow activation at City Park

PARK CITY, Utah — Conceptual artist Michele Pred made her mark on City Park on Sunday morning, January 22. The Swedish-American artist has made waves with feminist and human rights-inspired art, including purses with neon lettering spelling out “Bans off our bodies,” “equal pay,” “vote,” “feminism is for everybody,” and other phrases. Pred, along with volunteers, created the abortion pill snow art at City Park in support of the premiere of Sundance Film “Plan C.”

“I’m promoting abortion pills,” said Pred. “That’s the whole idea. One in four people doesn’t know about abortion pills in this country. I’m promoting abortion pills, so people can be prepared. They can still have abortions in states where abortion is illegal. If you go to Plan C, Aid Access, or Wisp, you can get all the information on how to order them, where to order them. They’re extremely safe. Already, over 54% of women that have abortions have medication abortions. One important thing is, of course, reaching people that don’t have the financial means.”

Photo: Kylie Fly.

January 22 wasn’t an arbitrary Sundance date; it was the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which on June 24, 2022, was overturned by the United States Supreme Court. Utah’s trigger law, SB 174 “prohibits an abortion at any stage of a pregnant woman’s pregnancy, except under certain circumstances” was blocked after a suit from Planned Parenthood for two weeks.

Currently, Utah bans abortion as defined by law SB 174 at 18 weeks and 0 days. It requires a 72-hour waiting period for the pregnant person following a consultation with their abortion provider and parental/guardian consent for those under 18 years of age.

A similar sand art installment donned Miami Beach. She has long been in conversation with Wisp and Plan C, and partnered with Plan C to promote its film.


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Pred’s art is currently on display at the Berkeley Art Museum and the Weinberg/Newton Gallery in Chicago, Illinois. Other art installments include 8-foot-tall inflatable abortion pills, the American flag crafted from resin abortion pills, and a contraception pill quilt.

Pred has also dedicated much time to the equal pay movement, but feels abortion access is “more urgent.”


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