SCOTT Sports Carbitex running shoe goes the distance

PARK CITY, Utah — Carbon bikes are the cream of the crop in the biking world, but have you heard of carbon running shoes? Carbon was initially developed for the aerospace industry for its strength and lightweight, which translates perfectly into bike frames. And running shoes.

Having a Carbitex DFX carbon plate in your running shoes is like having propellors on both feet. SCOTT’s Speed Carbon RC has super lightweight and flexible carbon plates nestled between foam pieces.

The Speed Carbon RC includes Rocker Technology in its foam soles, mimicking how people naturally run. With each footstrike, first enhanced by the rocker shape of the shoe, the carbon plate uses the runner’s energy and propels them forward.

“I was only going to do 3 miles just to get a feel for the shoe, but it felt so smooth and explosive that I went for 10 miles,” said SCOTT Sports Runner Anna Demonte. “It ended up being my fastest 10-mile time, and I didn’t even look at my watch. Having that Carbitex DFX Carbon Plate made each stride feel enhanced, and I was maximizing my energy. I called my dad after and was like, ‘OMG, look at my time!’”

At only 215 grams, the SCOTT Speed Carbon RC’s upper mesh is lightweight and breathable, giving long- or short-distance runners an added comfort factor. The Carbitex DFX plate helps runners use their energy more efficiently without thinking.

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