SCOTT keeps you running through May and June showers

PARK CITY, Utah — Throughout spring, it’s about as easy to predict weather and trail conditions as it is reading a crystal ball. Trail runners need a reliable shoe that can go with the spring flow. SCOTT Sports’ Kinabalu line of shoes is its most adaptable shoe with a Versatile Traction outsole that creates traction on any trail. It’s lightweight, responsive, and the rocker shape is key for efficient running. Speaking of efficiency, the Kinetic Foam eRIDE midsole returns 14% more energy to your step.

Since April showers have continued into May, it may be a good idea to check out the Kinabalu 2 Gore-Tex. The Gore-Tex brand brings waterproof construction into play with all of the benefits and technology featured in the Kinabalu 2 shoe. Salt Lake City-based Scott athlete Anna DeMonte shares her thoughts on the Kinabalu line.

“Kinabalu 2 is my workhorse shoe. I’ve been using it almost every day, from the crossover from winter skiing to running season. As the ski objectives require fast hiking or jogging, the Kinabalu takes on every type of terrain, which is awesome. The Kinabalu GORE-TEX is also something I’ll grab on rainy days or days when the weather is less predictable. They’ve endured so many miles and still have never felt like they’re wearing down.”

When podiums are the goal and speed is the focus, the lightest and fastest Kinabalu RC 3 is your shoe of choice for those shorter, faster race days.​ The RC 3 key features include hybrid traction (ideal for manmade trails), a racing footbed, eRIDE midsole, a rocker shape, responsive and lightweight foam, and more in the name of speed.

“I feel fast. I have been running in foothills trails all the way up to groomed alpine trails and the RC3s have very obvious grip to the ground but are still light,” DeMonte said. “The versatile reaction stays fast in the groomed section but the performance doesn’t waiver if there is a wet or slippery root or a loose rocky section. It makes me feel able to push my pace, even when the trail is variable.”

Depending on the day and its weather, DeMonte switches back and forth between the Kinabalus. “I love the Kinabalu line in general aside from my all time fave, those Supertrac RC2. (Which I’ll be breaking out when the techy scrambles start to melt put up high).”

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