Calls for service: Police and sheriff’s logs

Hot tub singing, 15 goslings, railroad theft, and a wrong-way driver highlight the calls for service made to the Park City Police Department (PCPD) and the Summit County Sheriff’s Department (SCSD) for the week of May 17 – May 24. 


  • The PCPD received a call regarding concern for a goose and 15 goslings close to the road at the Catholic Church and SR 224.


  • A caller told officers of the PCPD that guests of a property near their house were disturbing the peace by singing loudly in the hot tub. 


  • Union Pacific Railroad called to report a male was stealing new railroad ties from Echo Canyon near Coalville. Contact was made with the man in his 60’s from the Salt Lake Valley who admitted to taking the railroad ties. The case will be sent to the County Attorney.
  • PCPD  was called about a FedEx truck that hit some power lines on upper Park Ave. causing them to break and fall to the ground. Several areas of town were without power as of 4:00 p.m.
  • Officers from the PCPD were notified of a possible encampment approximately one mile north of the hospital in Round Valley. They deployed a drone for further investigation.
  • A ‘kid’ that had been driving up and down a residential street had a neighbor call the PCPD on him. The neighbor said that the car is very loud and that they believe the exhaust on it is illegal.
  • The PCPD was contacted regarding a parking issue on Daly Ave. which is the extension of Main St.
  • At the intersection of Meadows Dr and SR 224, the PCPD monitored the traffic light which was completely, temporarily dark, not even flashing.


  • SCSD deputies responded to a fight in progress at a home in Promontory. Upon arrival, deputies spoke to the two men involved in the altercation. There were multiple witnesses that had video of the incident. One man did not want any law enforcement action taken and the other was indecisive on the matter. Deputies informed both parties this case would be forwarded to the County Attorney.


  • On Ute Blvd., SCSD initiated a traffic stop on what turned out to be a man in his 20’s from the salt Lake Valley. The vehicle had  a revoked registration and the driver had no insurance nor a valid driver’s license. An odor of marijuana was detected and the driver did not have a medical cannabis card, a search yielded a small user amount of marijuana. The driver was cited and released. The vehicle was parked, and the driver called friends for a ride.
  • An attempt was made by the SCSD, following up from a caller, to locate a wrong-way driver in a white Ford Escape on SR 248 but to no avail.


  • The PCPD received a call regarding a suspicious situation on Main St. whereby a customer reported that they don’t see anyone working in a certain store that was open for business.

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