It was perfect fall weather for this year's MOFO Ride on Saturday.
Fall is in the air, and the heli is flying for the installation of the new chairlift at @utaholympicpark.
Sulfur Buckwheat (Eriogonum umbellatum) is a perennial herb native to Utah. It is an important food source for birds and provides moths and butterflies nectar. Several species of butterflies depend on the plant to host larvae (caterpillars), including; the Mormon Metalmark butterfly and the Rocky Mountain dotted-blue butterfly.
As a family immersed in extreme sports, the Carman family's decision to move rallied around Woodward Park City. In four months, they’ve found comradeship with other Woodward folks and honed their athletic skills as a family.
Between being a mother, professional archer, NFL Cheerleader, and owning a "cakery", Laura Francese has accomplished a lot in her life. But another sweet spot hit close to home, rescuing pups.
“I’d watched many, many Blue Planet nature documentary episodes by BBC America in the past, so I knew whose the best voice in the world would be to read my narration, and in my mind he was the only person that could possibly be suitable for my film.”
Double rainbow after this evening’s storm!
Featured Employer: Arts Council of Park City & Summit County is hiring a part-time Create PC Gallery Associate for its Local Artist Collective. The Create PC program strives to foster relationships within the local creative community, creating opportunities for fellow artists, visitors, and residents to experience and collect artwork made locally.
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