Adoptable Pet of the Month: Meet Kora

Fetch Cares' lovable longtime resident needs a forever home

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah — Kora is a large (approximately 85 pounds), six-year-old lab mix with possible hints of Pitty and Great Dane. She has been with Fetch Cares the longest of all their current dogs, through her journey from a stray with significant medical challenges to a vibrant, active companion.

Kora’s Journey

Kora arrived at Fetch Cares in November 2023 after being found as a stray. Her condition at the time was heart-wrenching: overweight, with a thinning and patchy coat, an injured tail, and severe difficulty walking due to hyperflexion in both ankles. These issues were likely the result of past injuries that had gone untreated. Additionally, she had significant muscle loss, especially in her hind legs, and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

From Stray to Strong

After her tail was amputated due to injury, she has bounced back with tremendous strength. Her once-weak ankles are now properly positioned, allowing her to run, hike, and enjoy all the activities she loves. Although she requires a small, twice-daily pill for her hypothyroidism, Kora takes her medication without issue, often reminding her human when it’s time for her “treat.”

A Day in Kora’s Life

Kora is a playful and energetic dog who also enjoys lounging. Her favorite activities include car rides, hiking, pool time, and watching TV. She’s particularly fond of true crime shows, softball games, and anything on Animal Planet. Her intelligence and quick learning ability make her a joy to train, especially when rewarded with love and treats. Kora is housebroken, knows basic commands, and even some tricks. She adores humans of all ages and gets along well with other dogs. While it’s unknown how she’d interact with cats and other animals, her easygoing nature suggests she would adapt well.

The Perfect Home for Kora

Kora would thrive in a home where her physical and mental needs are met. She would make an excellent family dog, though due to her size, she might need reminders to be careful around small children. Her gentle soul and eagerness to learn ensure she would quickly adapt to any loving environment. Regular interaction with young children at Fetch Cares has shown her affectionate and patient nature, making her an ideal companion for families.

If you’re interested in meeting Kora, please contact Tori at or ‭(540) 383-7521.

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