Adoptable Pet of the Month: Meet Hazel

Hazel is an affectionate and playful pug with a zest for life!

She was dealt a rough hand in life. Hazel was born with a condition called Hemivertebra, which is a malformation of the spine. As dogs with Hemivertebra develop, some vertebrae deform, causing a hump or twists in the spine. Often Hemivertebra is a result of dogs being bred to have “screw tails,” such as bulldogs, Boston terriers, and pugs. With Hemivertebra, the “screw” happens farther up on the spine rather than at the tail.

Because of her condition, Hazel’s spinal cord has abnormal pressure on it, so she does not have full function of her rear legs. Yet, against all odds, Hazel’s joyful and loving nature shines through.

Hazel is potty pad trained, so at night, she stays in a z-pen with a pee pad just in case she needs it. During outings, Hazel sometimes wears a diaper (for example, Hazel loves to go shopping at dog-friendly stores like TJ Maxx or Michael’s, where she usually wears her diaper in case she dribbles with excitement). Like any dog, though, once you get into a routine, she stays pretty regular. Tori Saylor, co-founder of Fetch Cares, notes, “For someone who doesn’t mind, it can be quite convenient to have a dog pee pad/potty patch trained. People who live in an apartment building that doesn’t have a grassy area nearby, for example, find it convenient to have a designated spot for the dogs inside, in the garage, on the porch, etc. It can also be useful for small dogs who find it difficult to navigate the snow outside.”

Hazel is currently in the care of Fetch Cares, as her previous families could not provide her with the care she needs. Hazel’s ideal home would be with someone who appreciates her affectionate companionship and is willing to adapt to her care routine, ensuring she leads a comfortable and happy life.

Approximate age: 1

Loves: Outings

Breed: Pug

Personality: Congenial, sweet, cuddly, smart

Sleeps in kennel? No, z-pen with pee pad

If you’re interested in meeting Hazel, please contact Tori at or ‭(540) 383-7521.

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