Salt Lake’s Olympic Bid update by USOPC: 2034 more ‘optimal’ than 2030

LOS ANGELES, Calif.— At a United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) annual assembly yesterday, among other topics, the Salt Lake City Bid to host a Winter Olympic Games in the year 2030 or in 2034 was discussed.

Frasier Bullock, President and CEO of the Salt Lake City – Utah Committee for the Games was present in Los Angeles, California for the call where not only were his efforts on behalf of the citizenry of Utah, but his connection in communications to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), were praised by the USOPC leadership.

“The shared vision and exemplary road map for Salt Lake,” has prompted the USOPC to “fully endorse” it to the IOC.

USOPC President Gene Sykes has signed and sent the official letter-of-support from the U.S. to the IOC for the hosting of a 2030 or 2034 Games. An action for which Bullock said was, “A significant milestone.”

They cited that Salt Lake City enjoys a bid approval rating of 82% support from the community and 100% support from its government.

No date for when a Winter 2030 or 2034 award will be made or announced has been given.

Bullock added that the purpose, the why if you will, to host an Olympics includes the desire to,”elevate our communities in sport and in athletic excellence,” and for Utahns to be able to, “watch their children compete in, and hopefully win medals.”

Bullock went on to praise the past, and present engagements from retiring Utah Senator Mitt Romney in his creating and maintaining a federal connection to the SLC Bid, as he serves as an advisor to the process. Sykes wished him well in his future endeavors, whatever they may be.

Sykes answered a question saying, “There are not likely to be bids that look more attractive than the one from SLC in 2030 or in 2034, but 2034 is the optimal time for the United States to host a Winter Olympic Games, and so that is what we have suggested to the IOC as definitely our preference. We’re in a position to work with them in 2030 if they need us, but they’re also working very hard to develop an alternative bid for 2030 from a very credible host, so we’ll wait and see, and I’m please to say that Salt Lake City is exceptionally well prepared.”

Hosting two Olympics in a decade, for any single nation, in this case the USA, is certainly a “goal” for the USOPC if Salt Lake were awarded the Winter Bid so soon after hosting the Los Angeles 2028 Summer Games.

Sweden and Switzerland have both been gaining traction in their more recent Bid explorations.

Sykes answered another question from the media saying, “Salt Lake has spent a decade, already, laying the foundation with leaders at IOC, so the IOC knows them very, very well.”

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