Summit County residents file to form new township between Hideout and Kamas

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah — A group of residents submitted a proposal Tuesday to create a new township between Hideout and Kamas.

According to a press release, a cooperative of residents, farmers, and landowners from the area have banded together to pursue incorporation of a new town through Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson’s office.

The group has gathered local signatures, met with members of Henderson’s office on multiple occasions, and has now filed an application to begin the corporation process.

Although the cooperative has yet to vote on an official name, they currently refer to the town as “West Hills.”

“I am encouraged at the prospect of designing a town with the intention of preserving the natural beauty of our area, while responsibly planning for careful growth and development,” said Geri Aposhian, a Summit County landowner.

The group plans to prioritize open spaces within the potential township by encouraging modest new growth, and preserving 50% of the land for open space.

“We have all felt the pain as Summit County grows and real estate prices continue to rise. It’s the right time for locals to have a say on how to balance growth and preserve the valley’s beauty,” said Ted Bauman, a Summit County landowner.

The cooperative also plans to protect locals by creating additional land use rights that would allow locals to use, sell, transfer, or donate land as they see fit, and generate revenue for infrastructure from new construction permit fees and the sale of unissued land use rights.

“I support the town because I trust landowners who know the land and have skin in the game, over detached decision-makers who don’t,” said Jim Conway, a Summit County resident.

During the next part of the application process, Henderson’s office will conduct a feasibility study within the next 90 days to determine if it would be possible to establish a new town in the area. If the study results are favorable, local landowners will then vote on incorporation.

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