“Hope in the Water” sheds light on protecting blue food

PARK CITY, UT—Every year, the Sundance Film Festival showcases inspiring documentaries and independent films from around the world from creatives that have found a unique way to tell a story. Sundance also boasts top-notch directors and producers alike, making it one of the industry’s most sought-after venues for new films.  The Lodge at Blue Sky Auberge Resort, in collaboration with Fed By Blue and Food Tank, hosted a three-day event of screenings, tastings, talks, and live music this past weekend.

“Hope in the Water” is a docuseries produced by celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern, Brian Peter Falk, and David E. Kelly in a robust effort to bring attention to the foods that come from the earth’s bodies of water, including wetlands, streams, and lakes, known as “blue food” and what it will take to protect them. Blue food is considered one of the most sustainable and nutritious foods on the planet, yet it is in dire need of protection.

“I have been working on aquaculture and social justice issues around food for 12 and 24 years, respectably,” said Zimmern. “The intersection of our climate crisis, our food pathways, our immigration issues, our national security, our international standing, and global economic developments all intersect. And the place that we are taking the least advantage of the most possible solution is how we relate to food that can be grown in our waters, be they fresh or salt water, and how that food is distributed.”

Fed By Blue is leading a crusade for responsibly produced blue food, which is the key to its sustainability. From improving fishing practices to managing wild fisheries, reducing the resources used to harvest blue food is vital.

“More than 3 billion people rely on blue food to get their vital nutrients and protein. When done responsibly, farming the oceans can provide six times more blue food than today to meet the needs of a growing population tomorrow.

The livelihoods of 800 million people depend on blue food. Nearly half of the blue food workforce is female. Without healthy waters, the bottom would fall out of this global economy.

– Protecting our oceans and waterways can help improve biodiversity and boost fisheries productivity, while protecting coastal communities from storms and other negative effects from climate change.”


Visit fedbyblue.org to learn how you can help make a difference.

Sourced from fedbyblue.org

*Writers note: These three-day events are for guests of Blue Sky 

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