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Heber City Police warns parents about social media scammers targeting children

HEBER CITY, Utah — Heber City Police posted a warning on Facebook for parents of kids using social media to watch out for social media scammers, stating, “We have an increasingly popular scam that has been coming out for our young juveniles to young adults. Please parents discuss what a scam is to your children and make them aware of the dangers of communication online.”

In this particular scam, the scammer acts the same age as the target and direct messages them via Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The scammer, if the target responds, communicates flirtatiously with the victim and escalates the conversation by asking the victim to send photos or conduct a live stream.” These photos or live streams become sexual and eventually involve the victim being naked, sending naked photos, or performing a sexual act,” the Facebook post stated.

If the victim provided this information to the scammer, they are then asked to pay the scammer to ensure the photos/video will not be shared publicly with the victim’s friends on social media. According to Heber City Police, even if the demand for money is met, scammers continue harassment by demanding more money and will post the sensitive materials regardless of payment.

Parents are urged to educate their young ones on the dangers of the internet and discern friends from foes on social media.

If you are currently a victim of this scam, do not pay the scammers any money and contact your local Police/Sheriffs office.

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