UAC: treat closed ski areas like the backcountry

ALTA, Utah — On Wednesday a skier triggered an avalanche (12″ depth, 50′ width) at Alta Ski Area on West Rustler near the Christmas Tree run. Despite losing both skis and taking quite a fall, the skier was able to stay on top of the slide and avoided injury, according to the Utah Avalanche Center (UAC) report.

Due to wet conditions, the snow went into a slide about halfway down the run.  In an attempt to avoid the slide, the skier tried maneuvering out of it but lost both his skis and tumbled down, however, they were able to remain on top and once the slide spread out, the individual walked away unharmed.

A similar nearby slide was also reported.

UAC emphasized that individuals should “Treat closed ski areas like the backcountry as no control work is being performed.”

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