Gateway Chiropractic to open Kamas location

KAMAS, Utah — Gateway Chiropractic and Dr. Jake Shores have announced the opening of their first clinic in Kamas. As the founder and Chief Medical Officer of Neuro Performance Integration (NPI) in Park City, Dr. Shores is now focused on providing affordable, community-oriented chiropractic practice for Kamas and the nearby towns. On June 10, Gateway will begin seeing patients for examinations, chiropractic adjustments, and ozone and homeopathic injections.

“One of the big challenges is that Kamas and the nearby towns are really underserved,” Shores said. “The nearest chiropractic offices are in Park City and Heber, and they tend to be cost prohibitive. So gateway is aiming to access a growing community with socioeconomic diversity.”

“I have had so many patients coming in from Kamas and Oakley…and for some of them it was really difficult to find the time to come in or bring their kids to my office in Park City. So I’m aiming to be more accessible and closer to home for those folks,” Shores continued.

Back in 2016, Dr. Shores founded Neuro Performance Integration to be an inclusive clinic for citizens of the Park City community. While overseeing patient care and treatment innovation, Dr. Shores built Neuro Performance Integration into a nationally-recognized medical practice. Widely known for treating the most challenging development disorders and traumatic injuries, Dr. Shores serves patients ranging from professional athletes and soldiers to children and retirees.

“So I’m trained in neurology and your brain controls everything that your body does. There are so many ways to make your brain more efficient, through manipulation of the body. It really works in kind of a holistic and beautiful circuit. That is a big differentiator. Especially for kids, because even as kids grow, it’s very normal to have asymmetries in their nervous system, and therefore, how their body exhibits them or how their body performs,” Shores said.

After earning his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Life University, Dr. Shores led a private healthcare group as Clinical Director and became Head Clinician of its Combat Veteran Program. He then relocated to Utah, and in addition to working with bobsled and skeleton athletes, he earned a reputation for serving mothers and their children, who often come to NPI with undiagnosed musculoskeletal and nervous system conditions.

Gateway Chiropractic is a cash-only practice that strives to serve patients suffering from pain, impaired movement or range of motion, and imbalances that may limit daily activities such as chores, childcare, work, and athletics.

“We have our own onboard pain killing circuits,” Dr. Shores explained. “The more efficient you can make them and give them the stimulation that they need, the better they work. Which means less missed work, an ability to play with the kids, which is a huge one. Having a mom or dad be able to bend over and pick up their kids so they can play with them or get down on the floor so they can do it is pretty amazing.”

During the month of May, Gateway will offer an introductory rate of $75 for the first examination and adjustment and $55 for subsequent adjustments. Injections are an additional charge. Gateway Chiropractic is located at 228 West 200 South, Suite 2B, Kamas, Utah 84036 in the offices of Kamas Health Center.

Appointments are currently available on Fridays. To book an appointment at Gateway Chiropractic, individuals can call (435) 640-3942 or visit their website for more information.

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