Stio’s sustainability detailed in Annual Stewardship Report

JACKSON, Wy. – Stio released its Annual Stewardship Report, divulging advancements toward the company’s goals revolving around social responsibility, environmental impact, and governance. The report details its advancements in sustainability and stewardship for our planet.

“In 2021, we took a significant step forward in understanding, reducing, and completely offsetting our carbon footprint by partnering with Climate Neutral and Bluesource,” said Stephen Sullivan, founder and CEO of Stio. “As part of our waste reduction efforts, we advanced our preferred materials platform from 30% to 50% on our focused journey to reach 75% in 2025. Setting into 2022, we are focused on achieving our goal of becoming a B Corp Certified corporation… In sharing the appeal of mountain life with all, we feel the responsibility of protecting it. The global economy, supply chains, and expanding populations continue to put strain on natural ecosystems that are already at risk. We believe it is our collective responsibility to take action to help protect our local and global communities, our planet, and its people.”

Stio’s Preferred Materials statistics break down to:

  • 85% of cotton is organically sourced
  • 49% of polyester comes from recycled post-consumer sources
  • 19% of nylon comes from recycled sources*
  • 100% of down meets the Responsible Down Standard
*This reduction in nylon can be attributed to challenges sourcing this material and continued growth of non-recycled styles. Thet plan to see increased adoption in 2022.

Stio installed the Stewardship Committee, an employee-led committee charged with reducing negative environmental impacts and contributing to social change within the corporation. The council is responsible for setting company-wide strategies, prioritizing areas of impact and making recommendations, with the ultimate vision of being a leader for positive change in the industry.

To offset waste production, Stio shifted to using recycled packaging using ecoenclose. Since then, Stio has saved*:

  • 80,802 gallons of water
  • 309 trees
  • 873 million BTUs of energy
  • 60 barrels of oil
  • 209,049 pounds of CO2 equivalent
*Water and tree savings based on paper-based products alone; oil savings based on poly-based products alone; energy and GHG emission savings based on all products. Savings are calculated based on a comparison to an equivalent product made with 100% virgin content (0% recycled content).

In addition to resources saved through packaging, Stio started the Second Turn program in 2021. Stio Second Turn acknowledges the participation of waste production in any apparel company and encourages a closed-loop system in which patrons trade in gently loved Stio apparel and shop secondhand gear. Since Second Turn’s Launch, 487 pieces of clothing have been traded in and kept from the landfill.

Stio partnered with Climate Neutral to measure its carbon emissions and commit to reducing its impact on the planet. For the second year in a row, Stio has completely offset its carbon footprint. This means taking a deep look into materials used and shipping and packaging decisions. The unavoidable impacts are offset by investments in renewable wind and solar energy projects.

View the full report online for more details and an in-depth look into Stio’s diversity and inclusion, governance, and sustainability.

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