Stio’s Stewardship Report highlights major wins in sustainable materials and carbon reduction

"In sharing the appeal of the mountain life with all, we feel the responsibility of protecting it," said founder and CEO Stephen Sullivan.

PARK CITY, Utah — Stio has published its Annual Stewardship Report for 2023 highlighting significant advancements in its sustainability efforts. Within the last year, the company has increased its use of preferred materials, expanded its circular commerce program, and provided significant support to community organizations. Stio’s recent accomplishments aren’t an individual goal alone but also to push the outdoor apparel industry towards more sustainable practices.

“Our annual stewardship report is a time to reflect on our current practices as we look to the future. Through ambitious goal setting and establishing rigorous standards for all aspects of our operations, our brand is evolving in positive ways … though our journey towards sustainability is ongoing, we are proud to share our progress and renew our pledge to protect the planet for future generations,” founder and CEO Stephen Sullivan said.

The report highlights the following initiatives that have grown in the last year:

Stio's Second Turn Program is in it's second year for recyclable gear.
Stio’s Second Turn Program is in its second year for recyclable gear. Image: Stio.

Recyclable Gear

Stio’s Second Turn® program, a cornerstone of its circular commerce initiative, processed nearly 3,000 units in collaboration with partners like Tersus and Geartrade. This initiative not only promotes the reuse of gear but also supports budget-conscious consumers by offering accessible value through renewed products. Beyond recycling and reuse, Stio gave back to its community by donating apparel to youth programs, adaptive sports organizations, and search and rescue teams.

Stio's recyclable material chart from 2023 Stewardship Report.
Stio’s recyclable material chart from Stio’s 2023 Stewardship Report. Image: Stio

Innovations in Sustainable Materials

Stio’s quest for sustainability saw a continued shift toward preferred materials, reaching a 57% adoption rate in 2023, up from 48% the previous year. The brand has also set ambitious goals to eliminate per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) from its product line by 2025, moving towards PFAS-free alternatives that maintain high performance and durability standards, partnering with industry leaders like GORE-TEX.

2023 Stewardship Report. Image: Stio.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Stio hit a milestone this last year in offsetting 100% of carbon emissions from shipments through its partnership with the company Flexport. Looking forward, Stio aims to maintain this standard across all shipping partners and explore sustainable fuel options.

Looking Ahead

The brand has set ambitious goals aligned with the latest Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), aiming to reduce carbon intensity by 6.5% annually. With a commitment to increasing the use of preferred materials, achieving a PFAS-free product line, and enhancing transparency in its supply chain, Stio is poised to continue pushing the outdoor industry to follow suit.

Governance, Transparency, and Social Responsibility

On the governance front, Stio is exploring OEKO-TEX® certification and focusing on supply chain education and transparency. The brand’s social responsibility initiatives are equally commendable, with plans to promote a diverse and inclusive culture, volunteerism, and employee well-being.

The brand’s efforts did not go unnoticed; in 2023, Stio was honored in Outside Magazine’s Top 50 Best Places to Work after six years of honorable mentions.

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