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There are many ways to define the word heart. By Google’s definition, it is, “the organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system by rhythmic contraction and dilation.” But, if taken deeper than just the physical body, heart is defined as the vital part, or essence. This is just what the owners of HeartSpace, in Park City, strived for when it came to fruition.

HeartSpace is the brainchild of Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck, the principals of Plenty Consulting. “Our intention for creating HeartSpace was to provide a safe, nurturing, connective place for people to explore their deepest dreams and highest callings in the company of others,” says Jennifer Mulholland. Once inside, attendees find the cozy couches, a calming color palette, and fully stocked bar make them feel at home. “We call it an ‘un-meeting’ space,” says Jeff. “It’s as if you walk through a portal of positivity.”

Principles Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Schuck inside HeartSpace
Principals Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck inside HeartSpace. Photo credit: Plenty Consulting

The energy of HeartSpace is one of the keys to its success in inspiring leaders who have traveled worldwide to come to its doors. “It’s this feeling, the feeling of being connected to something greater than yourself,” Jennifer says.

“The presence of positive energy, the belief in a better world, and a sense of belonging that blankets you the moment you walk through the doors.”

The blanket of positivity is literal; HeartSpace’s walls are completely covered with written words of positivity, affirmations and manifestations, all hidden beneath the paint. Even the paint has intention by being infused with essential oils to manifest abundance, joy, peace and harmony. Any residual negative energy is smudged daily by the owners themselves to clear stagnation. No stone is left unturned in curating a space of continuous creation.

Attendees take an outdoor excursion during one of Plenty's leadership retreats
Attendees take an outdoor excursion during one of Plenty’s leadership retreats. Photo credit: Plenty Consulting

During the many retreats held at HeartSpace, Jennifer and Jeff have created an intimate setting for connection, sharing and conversation. However, with their location being nestled up in the mountains, much of the attendees’ time is also delegated to outdoor experiences.

“We use nature as one of our tools to help unlock the abundance, growth and consciousness that our attendees seek,”  Jennifer explains. “Paved paths lead our guests from the front and back doors to the beauty of nature that surrounds … Each retreat or workshop that Plenty leads involves a hike up a mountain to an expansive view or a meander down a gentle path. Where we go is a secret so you’ll have to find out our special spots when you attend one of our experiences.”

To top off the experience and refuel, each day at HeartSpace includes carefully curated lunches with some of their favorite local and healthy restaurants in Park City.

To say HeartSpace utilizes all of the senses is an understatement.  The private space, dedicated to each client, provides an uninterrupted, immersive experience.

“We have seen time and time again the value in slowing down in order to speed up with efficiency and alignment later on,” Jennifer says. “It works for those brave enough to get off the hamster wheel.”

Attendee's sharing during one of Plenty's leadership retreats
Attendee’s sharing during one of Plenty’s leadership retreats. Photo credit: Plenty Consulting

HeartSpace is large enough to accommodate from 5 people up to 50 people. Combined with easy airport access, Plenty’s proprietary leadership program, and the capability to host entire companies and organizations, HeartSpace is the perfect destination for executives and leaders who want to tap into the beauty outside, as much as, unlocking the power within.

Plenty Consulting is hosting three of its renowned Lantern Leadership Retreats in 2022 on March 29 – April 1, June 14 – 17 and October 18 – 21.

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