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PARK CITY, Utah — According to a 2018 survey by Gallup, a major analytics and advisory company based in Washington D.C. 66% of employees worldwide are either not engaged or are actively disengaged in their current job. Not that these individuals necessarily hate their jobs, but rather, they lack sufficient passion in order to fulfill their roles and don’t care enough to be innovative, creative, or put forth more than the minimum amount of effort to carry out their job.

So what’s the problem? Are people properly motivated? Do they feel secure? Do they have a sense of gratitude and awareness? Is there really enough to go around for everyone to succeed?

While many of these questions may appear challenging to answer, a consulting company in Park City known as Plenty, might just be able to present formidable solutions in order to help more individuals find their passions and succeed.

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Operated by Principals Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck, in addition to Manager of Experience Sierra Hase, Plenty is a consulting company, aimed at helping people and organizations worldwide to develop a profitable and purpose driven strategy for their business.

“We think there’s a better world out there to be created. We say, ‘hope needs help,’ and we want to rally the hope helpers who really care about making a positive difference. Our brand is really about orienting people’s thought process, approach to business and life in an abundant manner,” Mulholland explained.

In order to create that better world and rally the hope helpers, Plenty’s execution revolves around three main ideas which includes the ideologies that there is indeed more than enough to go around, that we possess all the tools to be successful, all that it requires at times is a little more gratitude, and that we need to trust ourselves and believe that we are truly enough.

“There’s more than enough to go around,” Mullholland explained. “We’re not competing with each other. We’re competing with a mindset. And that mindset is called scarcity…The second is this idea that you actually have enough right now…and if we were to orient our vision, our gratitude on what we already have, we actually manifest more to be grateful for.”

“Lastly, at the heart of why we do the work that we do, we really care about people,” Mullholland continued. “We are a human being business, and we want to see people heal. We want to see people connect to themselves and connect to the community. We really want to see people thrive…They’re enough right now. They don’t have to do more to be more. What would that look like if they had the confidence and they could see the beauty and the skills and the unique offerings that they already have right now, their lives and the world would change.”

On top of these three primary ideologies, Plenty also strives to help people feel safe and secure. As the world around us quickly becomes more and more chaotic with what appears to be danger around every corner, Shuck hopes to help people feel okay and inspire a ripple of change.

Photo: Plenty Consulting

“You don’t have to look at the front page of the news for more than two seconds to understand why we do what we do. We like to say, ‘hope needs help,’ and I think the evidence of that is all around. People don’t feel good about the world around them. People don’t feel safe and secure. People wonder what’s going to happen next and people don’t feel good about themselves. The idea of Plenty is if we can start with that last one, helping you feel like you’re okay, that we can actually create a ripple and that’s our logo, we can create a ripple of change that tackles some of the problems that seem insurmountable,” Shuck explained.

So how exactly do you then find success and begin to make positive changes? A lot of it is simple. Not only were we taught most of what we need to know in order to be successful in our adolescence, but in a world that is constantly encouraging us to look outside ourselves for the answers, much of what we need is stored within and unlocking that is what can help us generate sustainable energy and passion.

“Most of the things we need to know about in life, we learned in nursery school or kindergarten. To be kind to each other, if someone’s crying, give them a hug, share, play nice, do what’s joyful. But somewhere along the way, we kind of get taught that those things are juvenile and then you let them go. So it’s like, no, there isn’t enough to go around. No, we can’t share. No, if I win, you have to lose. No, following what I love to do is silly and frivolous. To answer the success that we experience, is people kind of telling us that they’re back home where they started right off like, ‘wow, I haven’t felt this calm since I was a kid,’ and it’s not the age of our bodies, right? It’s the age of our mind,” Shuck said.

“I think we get stuck sometimes thinking we have to have one passion,” Mullholland added. “But in this multi dimensional world as multi dimensional human beings, we have many passions that light us up and bring us joy…Your body knows, your body has this innate wisdom to show us. Do we lean in? Do we light up? Do we expand? Enjoy, is it fun? Is it easy? When it’s easy and joyful and flowing, we are in alignment to our passions and once we can get clear about following that, noticing where we lean in, noticing where we light up, that is self generating energy and it fuels a sustainable energy.”

As mentioned by both Mullholland and Shuck, hope needs help. As individuals maneuver the difficulties of not only their lives and careers, it is critical to surround themselves with ideas and philosophies that can help sustain their drive and unlock their greatest potential.

For more information about Plenty Consulting or to check out their variety of services, individuals can check out their website or email hello@plentyconsulting.com.

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