Shop With A Cop

PARK CITY, Utah — The Park City Police Department (PCPD) partnered with the Summit County Sheriff Department (SCSD) and Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) Saturday for their annual Shop With A Cop Event.

Walmart was the ultimate destination after a donated breakfast at the Peaks Hotel and a ride in the patrol cars in a procession whereby the children participating got to play with the lights and sirens.

Shop With A Cop horses showed up too.
Shop With A Cop horses showed up too. Photo: Summit County Sheriff Department (Facebook)

Lieutenant Jay Randall, whose been with the PCPD for nine years, told TownLift, “The Peaks Hotel has been a partner with us for a few years now and it’s a valued partnership. We’re really grateful for them.”

Park City area children-in-need have their names communicated to the authorities via multiple resources such as from the Park City School District, the Christian Center of Park City, and officer observations throughout the community, throughout the year.

Lieutenant Randall said, “This amazing event gives us an opportunity to interact with maybe a part of the population that doesn’t always completely understand what we do, and this way they get a positive interaction with law enforcement which we all know right now in today’s world is very important. They need to understand that we are mom and dads, aunts and uncles and you know grandpas and grandpas ourselves and we look very much forward to this momentous opportunity every year.”

Berkshire Hathaway real estate company in Park City and Deer Valley and, as Lieutenant Randall told TownLift, “Its, more than generous donations through all their agents,” is the biggest contributor each year for Shop With A Cop. Its donations help get every child get a 200$ gift card to shop for them and their families for Christmas as well as a $50 gift card they had already received for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Shopping with cops at Walmart.
Shopping with cops at Walmart. Photo: Summit County Sheriff Department (Facebook)

The patrol, officers, and deputies all donate their time for the event. Lieutenant Randall mentioned some standout PCPD Officers, Ben Powers, Franco Liertini, Kasey Comer, and Jackie Bittner.

“We just do it all because we want to make a difference with these kids and to see them have a nice Christmas,” said Lieutenant Randall.

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