Mary Jane’s Boutique (last minute) Valentine Gift Ideas

You may not be able to take your special someone on a full-blown romantic dinner date this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t deliver with a thoughtful gift. 

Whether you are shopping for your Galentine, or for the love of your life, fashion expert and owner of  Mary Jane’s boutique, Lori Harris, has some words of wisdom when searching for the perfect gift.

Meaningful Matters

“Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday and you are attempting to tell the person on the receiving end of your gift how you feel about them,” says Harris. “If you put thought into it and look at it from their perspective, they will love the gift no matter the item or cost.”

Personalize for Personality

Mary Jane's Boutique at 613 Main Street.
“Fashion is more than just expressing yourself, it gives a person empowerment and self-confidence.”

Great Valentine’s gifts are not the same for everyone. Some women might like a full bouquet of roses, while for others a handwritten card means the most.

“What does the person deem important or treasure in life and the relationship?  Do words matter to them, do trinkets matter, or do professions of love matter?  This is really important in finding the right gift,” says Harris.

Replace Cliche with Creativity

If chocolate and teddy bears aren’t hitting the mark (which is common), don’t be afraid to get creative. There are endless gift possibilities that can be tapped into. 

“Create a “self-care” gift bag with a gift card for a locally owned spa massage or a new lounge or sleep set from Honeydew or an athleisure set from Alo Yoga,” says Harris. “Shows you are thinking of them being able to take some time off and take care of themselves.”

Gift ideas from Mary Jane’s

Matt & Nat: Abbott Vintage Belt Bag / $95 

Amall: Pink/Red Jumper / $218

525 America: Boatneck Pullover / $99

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