Summit County’s Election Results are In

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah. — Final election results for Summit County came in today, Tuesday Nov. 17, 2020. It is typical that a final vote count is not reached until two weeks after an election is held. Of the 43,101 residents in Summit County, 28,602 are registered vote. This election year, 26,440 ballots were cast, resulting in a voter turnout of 92.44 percent. The majority of Summit County voters cast their ballots in favor of all constitutional amendments and that all judges retain their seats. In addition, the County voted in favor of the reauthorization of the Recreation Arts and Parks (RAP) Tax in Summit County.

How the Presidential race stacked up in Summit County:
DEM Joseph R. Biden, Kamala D. Harris – 15,244
REP Donald J. Trump, Michael R. Pence – 10,252

Here are few local and state races we were keeping an eye on.
The full report on votes cast during Summit County’s General Election is here:

U.S. House District 1
DEM Darren Parry – 13,546
REP Blake David Moore – 10,893

DEM Chris Peterson, Karina Brown – 13,066
REP Spencer J. Cox, Deidre M. Henderson – 11,290

State Senate District 19
DEM Katy Owens – 5,059
REP John D. Johnson – 4,013

State House District 28
DEM Brian S. King – 1,278
REP Carol L. Hunter – 470

State House District 53
DEM Cheryl Butler – 6,752
REP Kera Birkeland – 7,147

State House District 54
REP Mike Kohler – 2,846
DEM Meghan Miller – 6,304

State School Board District 7
DEM Carol Barlow Lear – 12,593

State School Board District 12
REP James Moss Jr. – 5,334
CON Becky Taylor – 1,912

Summit County Council Seats *all unopposed
A: DEM Roger Armstrong
B: DEM Douglas Clyde
C: DEM Malena Stevens

Winners of School Board Seats in Summit County
North Summit School Board
#1 – Susan F. Richins
#2 – Waylon Bond
#3 –  Clark O. Staley

Park City School Board
#1 – Anne Peters
#2 – Andrew Caplan
#3 – Wendy Davis Crossland

South Summit School Board
#1 – Wade Woolstenhulme
#2 – Dan Eckert
#3 – Lynda Whitmore

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