New court schedule introduced for morning tennis and pickleball at City Park

City Park courts will alternate sports to address increasing demand and reduce conflicts

PARK CITY, Utah — Starting Monday, June 3, Park City Recreation has implemented a new scheduling system for the shared tennis and pickleball courts at City Park to address the rising demand and reduce conflicts between players of the two sports.

“With the growing demand of pickleball, we’ve heard feedback from both tennis and pickleball players about wanting more availability for their specific sport,” said Cole Johnston, racquet sports division manager at Park City Recreation. “We decided to designate odd days for pickleball and even days for tennis. This should minimize conflict and allow both users to access the facility.”

The courts, located at the south end of City Park, are first-come, first-served and not reservable. Johnston emphasized that the new system, which runs from 8 a.m. to noon each day, aims to ensure players know they have designated times to play their sport.

When asked about enforcement, Johnston mentioned that the courts will not be actively monitored. “We’re just asking people to be good sports and good community members about it. This isn’t meant to cause more conflict; it’s meant to ease it,” he explained.

Park City Recreation plans to send out newsletters to MARC members and place signage at the courts starting Monday. The signs will explain the schedule and note that outside the designated hours, the courts remain first-come, first-serve for both sports.

Johnston also shared that both tennis and pickleball players were consulted before the decision was made. Feedback was gathered from local players, and the plan was reviewed by the Recreation Advisory Board. “Our hope is that this will be a good test run to see if we can manage it and make it work for everyone,” Johnston said. To gather feedback, Johnston plans to conduct face-to-face communication with players throughout the summer and may consider a survey at the end of the season. “Things can always be changed or adjusted, but we’re hopeful this will be effective,” he added.

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