Utah businesses featured in the Super Bowl

UTAH — The giant flag stretched out on the Super Bowl field during the national anthem was made by Colonial Flag, a Utah company in Sandy. The company received the order for the flag in June of 2023, and it took about six weeks to make.

But Utah’s influence does not stop at the big game. All of the NFL teams have their own sock collections that they wear on game day. These socks are made in Logan, Utah, at WaltUSA. In total, there are hundreds of sock sizes, colors, and varieties.

The socks are made from anti-slip materials and are then weighed, washed, pressed and folded. They are branded with the official NFL logo and shipped to Nike and, eventually, each NFL team.

What’s more, Patrick Mahomes credits the culture of the Super Bowl-champion Chiefs to none other than University of Utah great, Alex Smith.


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