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Sundance: ‘In A Violent Nature,’ a slasher film

PARK CITY, Utah – The Sundance Film Festival is known to be a time in Park City when famous Hollywood superstars and actors transcend onto the Wasatch mountains. However, at the root of Sundance, is truly the art of filmmaking, in all genres of movies. “In A Violent Nature” is the essence of what Sundance set up to do, give filmmakers of all shapes and sizes the ability to have a platform to display their art.

Slasher films are known as horror movies that pay homage to some of the great scary movies of the 80s and 90s, like “Friday the 13th” and “Nightmare on Elm Street.” Slasher movies aren’t for everyone. However, neither is all forms of art.

“In A Violent Nature” has no soundtrack, just a couple of young people in the woods being haunted by an old myth that plagues the Ontario forests. Chris Nash does a fantastic job of displaying his vision for a modern horror flick. It has all the wrong things to do in a horror movie, like teasing the villain and all the right things that make a scary movie, like bloody dismemberment.

This movie makes you want to never do yoga or go camping again. And it’s a counterculture film that proves that Sundance can be a platform for all types of scripts, actors, and performances.

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