Live Like Sam hosts Joel Zuckerman’s insightful session on Expressive Gratitude

PARK CITY, Utah — The Live Like Sam Foundation is pleased to present an enlightening evening with speaker Joel Zuckerman on gratitude.

The event, titled “The Seven Pillars of Expressive Gratitude,” is scheduled for Feb. 7 from 5:30-7 p.m., at the Deer Crest Club in Park City. Reservations are required, and a suggested donation of $100 per person is recommended.

Zuckerman speaks regularly to the concept of proactive gratitude, distinct from reactive gratitude. Reactive gratitude is described as a spontaneous, often adrenaline-fueled response to positive events, such as receiving good medical news, avoiding accidents, or achieving personal milestones. In contrast, proactive gratitude is a deliberate and frequent practice of being grateful for one’s current circumstances, regardless of how challenging they may be.

Zuckerman says that “One of the best ways to be proactively grateful is to write letters of gratitude to those to whom you feel beholden.”

The Seven Pillars of Expressive Gratitude

Reasons why writing Letters of Gratitude is so enriching.

  1. It makes the letter writer feel good. It’s doing a good deed, but the most personal kind.
  2. It makes the letter recipient feel good.Being appreciated is one of humankind’s most elemental desires.
  3. It makes the letter recipient feel good about the letter writer.Communicating in this manner forges a permanent and delightful bond between the writer and recipient.
  4. It is a creative process. We all need more creativity in our lives.
  5. It turns the letter writer’s focus outward, away from themselves. It’s human nature to be inwardly focused. But writing a Letter of Gratitude turns one’s attention, for the time it takes to compose, towards the recipient.
  6. The “Ripple effect”Someone who receives a letter might be inclined to write a similar letter to someone to whom they feel gratitude.
  7. The “Legacy effect.”The positive consequences of a letter can last a lifetime…and beyond!

Event Details

Feb. 7, 2024
Deer Crest Club, St. Regis Snow Park, Deer Valley
5:30 – 6:15, Wine & Apps
6:20 – 7, Presentation

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Joel Zuckerman is the author of nine books and thousands of featured stories for more than a hundred different publications. You can learn more about Joel on his website.

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