Park City Community Foundation’s Climate Fund releases strategic plan to reach zero food waste by 2030

Strategic plan includes how to monitor progress and measure success

PARK CITY, Utah — Park City Community Foundation’s Climate Fund has released a strategic plan aiming to achieve Zero Food Waste by 2030.

This initiative, first announced last spring, focuses on eliminating food waste in Park City’s landfill to mitigate environmental harm and provide a sustainable model for other communities.

Food waste significantly contributes to the climate crisis by emitting methane, a potent greenhouse gas. A local study indicated that up to 80% of solid waste in Summit County’s landfill could be diverted, with 40-60% being food waste.

The strategic plan, created with input from notable figures like former Utah State Senator Ben McAdams and Troy McKinley, outlines three main objectives:

  1. Reducing and diverting food waste through various strategies, such as updating sustainability ordinances and launching residential curbside food waste collection.
  2. Implementing waste processing strategies, including scaling current projects and investing in future solutions like micro digesters.
  3. Measuring progress using a Zero Food Waste Dashboard to track community achievements.

Joel Zarrow, President and CEO of Park City Community Foundation, emphasizes the need for commitment and cooperation from local leaders, businesses, nonprofits, and citizens.

“We commend Park City, Summit County, and everyone involved for their leadership on the issue of climate change and were honored to be involved in the creation of this strategic plan,” McAdams said.

The plan aims to reduce methane emissions, save money in waste removal, and protect water sources from contamination. It aligns with Park City’s goal for carbon neutrality by 2030 and the IOC’s commitment to reducing emissions. The Climate Fund will lead a campaign to increase participation in curbside food waste collection and work with local partners towards the 2030 goal.

“By focusing on food waste, we can have a huge impact on climate change through relatively small behavior changes. To be successful, we need everyone to work together,” said Andy Hecht, climate fund manager.

The Park City Community Foundation has generated over $57.8 million in impact since 2007, housing initiatives like Live PC Give PC, Women’s Giving Fund and the Climate Fund.

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