The lifelong gift of safari—custom trips from Africa to Southeast Asia to India

PARK CITY, Utah — In an era where many prefer experiential gifting over materialism, the idea of presenting travel experiences gains traction. Especially in the post-pandemic era, travelers are making up for lost time. Remote Recreation Safaris is a distinguished travel guide company that specializes in curating bespoke safaris rather than conventional trips from Africa to Bora Bora.

“I lived in Africa for 15 years, and I would never call myself an African expert,” said Charlie Slater, founder of and travel guide for Remote Recreation Safaris, “I don’t think there is such a thing as an Africa expert— it’s too big of a continent.”

Slater’s profound passion for Africa stems from his 15-year residence on the continent and remains a pivotal focus for Remote Recreation Safaris, catering not only to individuals but also to small groups and families.

Remote Recreation Safaris prides itself on bringing clients to less traveled areas. Slater often advises travelers that if they’ve heard of an African destination, it’s probably too popular to visit now. He likes to go “where the New York Times hasn’t written up yet.”

The founder’s emphasis on steering clear of heavily touristed locations like the Maasai Mara, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro Crater in Africa underscores Remote Recreations Safaris’ commitment to unveiling lesser-explored gems. It thrives on crafting itineraries that transcend popular tourist spots, opting instead for unconventional experiences, such as a six-day expedition down the Zambezi River.

Though Africa will always have his heart, visits to India quickly gained his affection.

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“Our trips to India were wildlife related at first; leopards, tigers, and even lions and reptiles,” he said. “That was my initial interest in India. But then, when I started traveling there more, the high quality of the culture blew me away. Trying to define what an Indian vacation is is impossible because there are so many different things to do there, from fly fishing to gastronomy. In February, we’re leading a group to see snow leopards.”

In India, Remote Recreation Safaris relies on its extremely well-connected partner, India’s former Minister of Culture.

All Remote Recreation Safaris trips are based on individual preferences; Slater and his crew create a custom itinerary for each group they guide. The company caters to diverse interests, including wildlife safaris, golf excursions, horseback riding safaris, wine tours, you name it. Their expertise extends to small groups, ranging from six to twelve individuals, enabling the creation of unique journeys aligned with specific desires and preferences.

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Small groups and families are very fun for Slater to plan for. He uses contacts to charter planes to incredible off-the-beaten path destinations that you just can’t do with too large or too small groups. Contrary to popular belief, Slater explained that pricing for smaller groups isn’t more expensive than a large group.

Aside from being in Africa for around five months of the year, being local to Utah is a bonus for Slater. He loves grabbing coffee with clients and talking trip ideas and details. To see what Remote Recreation Safaris can do for you, just reach out to Slater at charlie@remoterecreation.com.

Africa less traveled, bespoke safaris by Remote Recreation Safaris

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