Africa less traveled, bespoke safaris by Remote Recreation Safaris

PARK CITY, Utah — In 1992, diplomat Charles Slater was assigned to travel to Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe for nine weeks. His initial reaction was confusion, and he thought his boss might not be too keen on him. It turns out that time in Africa changed Slater’s life. This trip led him down the path to later create Remote Recreation Safaris so he can share his love for the African continent with others.

“I returned from that trip a different person and told my loving boss that I would be looking for a permanent assignment to Africa,” Slater said.

The following year, Slater, along with his wife and new son, moved to Africa for 15 years. Amongst his travels to Thailand, Pakistan, and Egypt, his heart remained in Africa.

“It’s difficult for anyone to call themselves an expert on Africa. But living there for 15 years and still having family in Zimbabwe, Malawi, and South Africa, does give us a leg up on most.”

In 2015, after 33 years abroad, Slater moved home and Remote Recreation Safaris was created. Remote Recreations offers more than once-in-a-lifetime wildlife park trips. You name it, Slater has done it and organized it.

  • Horseback safaris in South Africa and Botswana
  • Golf safaris in South Africa
  • Fishing safaris in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania
  • Well-supported self-drive camping safaris in Botswana and Zimbabwe

“What better way to spend one’s life than to push others’ edge of their personal map out in an area that offers so very much? Africa, easily three times the size of the U.S., is not only huge, but it’s complicated. Some insider knowledge and assistance are needed to make sure people get beyond the Conde Nast version of it all. One of our sayings is, ‘If you’ve read about it, it’s too late.'”

Based in Salt Lake City and Crested Butte, Colorado, Slater brings like-minded adventurers to the Serengeti, Maasia Mara, and Kruger. But he also prides his company on going a step further to untapped locations like Gonarezhou, Kafue, Okavango Delta, and Katavi.

“Organizing a safari takes a lot of trust. Trust that your organizer knows their product. Trust that (s)he is flexible enough to book what you want, not what they are selling. Trust that you will get the adventure and experience that rocks your world.”

Remote Recreation Safaris is a small, boutique operation and it intends to stay that way so to offer something different and unusual to clients. Each year he sets up about 35 private groups to Africa (and India/Bhutan, Egypt/Jordan, and Southeast Asia Galapagos) and he personally leads about 6-7 very small group safaris to wonderful destinations.

One of Slater’s favorite safari countries is Zimbabwe. In August 2024, he will safari there with only six clients, using charter planes to reach the very remote Gonarezhou National Park (itinerary from 2023, remains the same with new dates) and Victoria Falls as well as one of Africa’s largest and least visited parks, Hwange National Park. Gonarezhou in the local language, means “place of elephants.”

“We tracked elephants on foot, had lions roaring on the edge of our camp, and watched a leopard stalk antelope while we sat around our fire having gin and tonics,” he said.

The safari will end in Victoria Falls to get the dust off! Remote Recreation’s personal wildlife guide will be the famous freelance Zimbabwe Professional Guide, Julian Brookstein. Unlike any other destination, clients will walk and track wildlife in these parks.

“Last year, as we entered Gonarezhou, I overheard a client whisper to herself in awe, ‘it’s the Garden of Eden.’ The national park, 1,951 square miles, only has one camp inside the park…it is the camp that we will have exclusive rights to. Just four tents. Only six of you inside this park. Last year we saw one vehicle in five days.”

Remote Recreation does private safaris for your friends and family, and Slater leads about 6-7 safaris himself each year. Find the experience you dream of and create a complete bespoke adventure in Africa with them. Add on Cape Town tours, beach holidays on Zanzibar or the Mozambique coast, Victoria Falls, and special gorilla treks. If glamping in Africa’s most famous or, even better, unheard of parks is your dream, talk to Charlie Slater.

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