New fall outdoor series: fostering connections within the community

PARK CITY, Utah — The Zephyr Collective, a six-part series that began Sept. 18 will bring together Wild Women Tribe, a transformative outdoors community that connects women, and Jeremy Wilstein, an esteemed Wim Hof Method instructor and Masterful Breath coach.

The collective is a gathering of men and women who thrive on deep connections and meaningful engagement. They understand the impact of anxiety, stress, depression, and a lack of purpose on individuals, which is the motivation to create a safe space where strength and resilience are discovered through shared experiences. Together, they explore body technologies and tools, including Wim Hof breath work and guided meditation visualizations.

“The idea behind this six-part series is to learn and grow together, to create a container where you can sit down, be real and connect to the earth and to each other,” said Renee Huang, founder of Wild Women Tribe. “We will look at these big ideas like identity and balance and how we communicate with each other and do it in this very safe setting where we can all learn and grow from each other.”

Zephyr, Courtesy of Wild Women Tribe

Zephyr Collective’s mission is to cultivate an authentic community container, fostering vulnerability and genuine connections by prioritizing personal growth and tapping into inner wisdom and power. Body tools and technologies facilitate grounding, releasing, and reconnecting with our own harmonious operating systems.

The collective believes in individual accountability, embracing the vastness of life experiences with authenticity and ownership, and welcomes men and women from the community.

Tickets can be purchased here. 

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