Hundreds of mountain bikers prepare to take on 75 miles of Park City trails for Point 2 Point race

PARK CITY, Utah — For the past 15 years, endurance mountain bike racers from across the country have flocked to Park City’s premier trails to test their endurance in the 75-mile Point 2 Point race over Labor Day weekend.

Whether you’re a seasoned local or a visiting enthusiast, this race promises to push your limits and test your mental fortitude through the most unique terrains Park City has to offer.

The annual race, which has already sold out with a limited capacity of 350 participants, consists of over half of the entries coming from everyday riders rather than professionals. Furthermore, this year’s registration includes 43 women, and organizers are eager to witness a steady growth in female participation in the coming years.

“The vision from the get-go was to try and take advantage of the single-track trails we have here in Park City,” said Jay Burke, founder/director of Point 2 Point. “I wanted to build an event that was a true point-to-point and was never on the same trail twice or cross itself. I didn’t have any idea it would become as wildly popular as it has; we sell out within minutes every year.”

Riding with a group of people on the trail for the day creates lasting friendships and sets the stage for a unique and unparalleled experience. The Point 2 Point race is accessible to many age ranges and skill levels, but rest assured, the race is fairly difficult, so make sure you are prepared for an entire day of riding. The average time for riders to complete the race comes in around nine hours; the fastest time is held by local professional cyclist Keegan Swenson, at six hours.

“We pay out $15k in cash prizes; we do see some high-level racers,” Burke said. “What has kept me going for 15 years is more the folks who come in at that nine-hour range. They are the ones who are excited to do this and check it off their list. They aren’t necessarily racers but avid cyclists who really want to do the event. It is a lot of fun to see those people come across.”

Locals concerned about the race’s impact on trails can visit the website for detailed information and updates. In addition, up until the last week of the event, people can buy and sell entries through the website tab.

Photo: Courtesy of Point 2 Point

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