Viral rare moose triplets or deer photo ignites heated debate

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah – Earlier this week, TownLift shared a photo of the very rare triplet moose calves known to be living in Summit County, Utah with their mom. Within hours the photo had gone viral and, in true social media fashion, created a lot of debate.

Not unlike 2015’s viral blue/black and gold/white dress, viewers commented back and forth on whether the moose triplets were in fact young deer. With nearly 300 comments on the matter and over 500,000 views of the post, TownLift called in the experts from the Utah Department of Natural Resources to clarify the matter.

Despite many readers sharing additional photos of the triplets the debate spiraled on. Some commenters even citing years of experience as hunters and clearly being able to identify the different species.

Rusty Robinson, Once-in-a-lifetime Species Coordinator for the Utah Department of Natural Resources, reviewed the photo and said in a statement,

“Those are moose calves. I can see how someone might confuse them for deer, but the coloration, neonatal facial structure, dark eye rings and snout, inconspicuous tail and long legs are all indicators of a moose calf.”

So there you have it triplet moose calves NOT Deer.

Additional images shared in the discourse of the triplets.


SNAPPED: Rare moose triplets taking a nap

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