Chesley Electric has a zest for sustainability

PARK CITY, Utah — Chesley Electric, Inc. is a Green Business. How Green is Chesley Electric?

Being Green is a worthy challenge for all of us in our daily lives, but being an electrical contractor, plus a Green Business, adds new challenges, like how to complete a job effectively while being aware of the impact being made and reducing those impacts by buying local when possible, choosing vendors with reduced packaging, conserving resources, and educating others. Making noticeable strides to minimize negative impacts and still completing the job on time. And seeking to balance profit with the health of the planet.

On January 10, 2023, Chesley Electric received the 2022 Green Business Zest for Zero Award from Recycle Utah.

“Typically, the Zest for Zero is awarded to a business making recent and creative strides towards their sustainability goals,” said Recycle Utah’s Education Director, Mary Closser. “We were very excited in January 2023 to award Chesley Electric with the 2022 Green Business Zest for Zero Award. This award was presented by council member Ryan Dickey.”

Chesley Electric also empowers clients to make decisions with the planet in mind by giving the following steps to consider:

Conserve – The first step is to conserve power. Good conservation practices like switching old bulbs to LED, using Energy Star, and energy-efficient appliances are a fantastic start.

Monitor – Next is to identify which items use the most power and why. This can be as simple as looking through the monthly power bill or using a power monitoring system.

Power-saving controls – Once power burdens are identified power saving controls are implemented, like light dimmers, thermostats, time clocks and lighting control systems.

Solar and solar batteries – Battery storage allows power produced by solar panels to be stored for use at alater time. If you have solar panels without a battery and there is a power outage, the system will shut off. With a battery you can produce, use and store power independent from the grid.

Construction and renovations can lead to a lot of waste, but Chesley Electric manages to recycle everything possible and source materials locally or purchase from companies using minimal/recycle packaging. Employees are encouraged to carpool with one another, and truck mileage has been reduced by 25% simply by improving the efficiency of routes.

After earning the Zest for Zero Award, Chesley Electric aims to achieve Black Diamond Level in the Green Business Program, which includes taking six actions in each of its categories: energy, water conservation, materials management, transportation, and thriving community and equity.

“The Zest for Zero Award went to Chesley Electric for its dedication and commitment to making sustainable changes,” Recycle Utah stated. “Over the past few years, they’ve worked diligently to enhance office efforts with waste, energy, water reduction programs, and education to their clients. They empower their clients to keep the planet, and pocketbook, in mind by providing information on solar energy and battery backup, energy-efficient lighting and appliances, electric vehicle charging, and more.”

Chesley Electric also claimed Park City’s Best 2022 award for Best Electrical Contractor, and previous years in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, and 2020. Lighting control manufacturer Lutron Electronics Co., Inc., awarded Chesley Electric an Excellence Award. Lutron uses recycled or PVC-free products and are designed to save energy in homes and businesses through automation in lighting and shade.

Visit the Chesley Electric showroom to see what it can do for your home, business, or new build at 6421 N. Business Park Loop Road, unit G in Park City.

Chesley Electric offers comprehensive power plans and lighting innovations

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