Chesley Electric offers comprehensive power plans and lighting innovations

PARK CITY, Utah — Chesley Electric, Inc. has been Park City’s premier electrical contractor for almost 30 years. The company’s dedication to its clients fosters an excellent reputation among homeowners, businesses, and contractors.

Chesley Electric begins each job with a comprehensive assessment so clients can be sure their electrical needs are met with proficiency and confidence. If your goal is to conserve power in a brand-new or existing home or business, then it is essential to talk to Chesley Electric about a Power Plan.

Conserve, monitor, control, solar, and battery. When you do the right thing, your home becomes something extraordinary.

Chesley Electric can provide an organized system to truly maximize the power in your home or business. “We want to teach clients how to conserve power,” owner Tim Chesley said. “It’s a lot easier to conserve power than to generate power.”

There are four components to the Power Plan that should be followed: conserve, monitor, control, and create.

The first step is to conserve power. Good conservation practices like switching old bulbs to LED, using Energy Star, and energy-efficient appliances are a fantastic start.

Next in the plan is to monitor power loads and identify which uses the most power and why. This can be as simple as looking through the monthly power bill or using a power monitoring system. 

Once those power burdens are identified, Chesley can implement power-saving controls, like light dimmers, thermostats, time clocks, and lighting control systems.

After Power Plan steps one through three, it’s possible to create more power through solar and batteries.

Chesley has been in the industry for an impressive 40 years, building a deep well of experience and insight that sets him and his team apart. 

“There has been an incredible revolution in lighting over the past five years, from LED to tunable lighting; there is so much to talk about; I highly encourage anyone building or remodeling to visit our showroom,” Chesley said.

The team at Chesley Electric also understands the importance of giving back to the Park City community. They are passionate about helping to make this town a better place for all. This is why Chesley Electric has been active within local nonprofits and charitable organizations for many years. Whether offering volunteer time or donating funds, Chesley Electric takes pride in making a difference. 

The latest in lighting and control for your home. Photo: Chesley Electric.

Customers can feel secure knowing Chesley Electric is a fully licensed and insured electrical contractor.

Visit the showroom at 6421 N. Business Park Loop Rd., Unit G, in Park City, for all the latest in lighting innovation, or call 435-655-0382.

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