The enlightening truth on why lighting is a top design element

PARK CITY, Utah — Many things in life are subjective, like taste in music, food, art, and lighting. Yes, lighting; it’s an essential part of any home or business, yet it is so often overlooked. Chesley Electric invites those building, remodeling, or upgrading to its showroom, where the full range of tunable, adjustable Ketra lighting options can be seen with the touch of a screen.

Chesley Electric works with architects, designers, and other contractors from start to finish to create a perfect space in the eye of its beholder. Lighting can be fully customized to any preference and create any ambiance.

Tunable lighting offers the users ambiance for any mood, from a birthday party with all of the colors of the rainbow on display to a cozy night in reading with dim, warm lighting. The benefits of tunable lighting include sustainability, design focus, increased productivity, and even health benefits. Ketra tunable lighting is on the leading edge of lighting innovation, and for good reason; all of these options are available at your fingertips.

Chesley Electric is no stranger to adjustable lighting, which is not as new of technology as tunable. Adjustable lighting dims and brightens lighting. With adjustable lighting, you can create ambiance with the touch of a screen or a voice command. Adjustable lighting can be used in both the interior and exterior of your home.

Art buffs love these custom lighting options.

“Some people want to have just a warm glow on a painting. Some people want that piece to pop,” said Tim Chesley.

“We have clients that have artwork from the Renaissance era, and it was painted in candlelight. They want the color temperature to be similar to what the artist was painting in. Then, you’ll have a plein air artist that’s doing a landscape on a bright day, so their light can be adjusted to reflect that atmosphere.”

Clients can bring art into the Chesley Electric showroom to play with the full range of lighting features to find the perfect shade and brightness for their pieces. Beyond artwork enhancements, Ketra accommodates cove lighting, uplighting, highlighting architectural features, indirect lighting, and daylight-responsive lighting control system.

Daylight-responsive systems detect the light quality from the outdoors to match harmoniously with the indoor light settings for a more comfortable and natural ambiance.

“Daylight-responsive systems literally change the tone and the brightness. People don’t realize how much they love this feature until they live with it.”

The Chesley team has 30 years of expertise but for those new to lighting and all its options, the showroom is extremely helpful. Chesley Electric also works with interior designers and architects to get a client’s vision to the finish line all within the budget of their choosing.

“People love the showroom because they can come in and decide what type of light they like. Then they can pick light bulbs based off of the color temperature.”

In addition to creating an incredibly custom home or business atmosphere, programmable lighting in homes is a huge bonus for resale value. With tunable and adjustable lighting on a control panel or smartphone app, new owners don’t have to accept whatever the previous owners installed; they can adjust it from a cozy coffee shop to bright, playful art gallery.

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