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BYUtv’s ‘Studio C’ renewed for seasons 17 and 18, original cast to return for special 200th episode

PROVO, Utah — BYUtv announced earlier this month that its popular sketch comedy series “Studio C” has been renewed for seasons 17 and 18, which will feature many familiar faces.

Season 17 is set to premiere in the fall, and season 18 is slated to premiere in spring 2024 with a special hour-long 200th episode that will feature 18 past and current cast members, including all 10 original cast members.

“‘Studio C’ remains a fan-favorite series for the whole family more than a decade after its original premiere,” said Andra Johnson Duke, head of content at BYUtv. “Across both the upcoming seasons, nostalgic fans and newcomers alike will enjoy laugh-out-loud spins on the latest pop culture from the hilarious current cast as well as frequent guest appearances from beloved former members of the ‘Studio C’ family. The return of the entire original cast for the 200th episode honors the journey of this enduring series.”

BYUtv’s “Studio C” has been renewed for seasons 17 and 18. Photo: BYU Broadcasting // Aaron Cornia

According to a press release from BYUtv, the 200th episode is expected to be a celebration of what fans of all seasons love about “Studio C.” It will feature the show’s trademark parodies as well as recurring favorites, including an all-new version of one of the show’s most popular sketches.

The original cast of “Studio C” including Adam Berg, Whitney Call, Mallory Everton, Stacey Harkey, Natalie Madsen, Stephen Meek, Matt Meese, James Perry, Jeremy Warner and Jason Gray have returned to their old stomping grounds to join the current cast for the show’s 200th episode.

“It is different in a really wonderful way, and it’s awesome to see that it’s come so far,”  said Matt Meese. ‘It does feel like I might be a little old now with 200 episodes, but I love that they are doing it and I love the way that they’re doing it. And it feels nice seeing the group to know that the show is in their hands and they’re wonderful people. I think that’s important that that they’re great people to work with, first and foremost. And then they also happen to be very talented. That’s a nice order of operations, I think. And it’s fun to be here knowing the show has been continuing on without us here. And we’ve been continuing on without being here, too. And that feels like everything has been growing in a very good and healthy way. And that’s very rewarding.”

“You know, it’s kind of like when you go home after being away for a while, but your mom got new furniture. And you’re like, this is different, but it’s still my house,” said Mallory Everton. “I still feel at home here, but I also feel like there’s been some improvements. I mean, it almost feels like a Twilight Zone version because in some ways it feels like we never left. We all look a little bit more tired. Like maybe we lived through a pandemic. But it feels like home in its way, which is really nice.”

Seasons 17 and 18 will also feature Garet Allen, Kiri Case, Carl Foreman, Dalton Johnson, Jericho Lopez, Aleta Myles, Gabby Moore and Tori Pence. Former cast members Megan Rico and Austin Williams will also make guest appearances in both seasons.

“Working with the old cast in the 200th episode has been just an incredible experience,” said Kiri Case. “Obviously they’re very talented. But I also grew up watching ‘Studio C,’ and so I’ve just looked up to them for so long, and it’s amazing to be able to work with them in a comedy atmosphere and really see their talent up close and be able to learn from that, but also to get to riff with them and make new jokes with them. It’s just a dream come true to be able to do that for other people. And that’s where I used to be, is in the audience, so I love that.”

Star of BYUtv’s improv musical series “Show Offs” Lisa Valentine Clark will also guest star in season 18, alongside “Show Offs” host Casey Jost who will direct sketches for her episode.

Every aired episode of “Studio C” is available to stream on the BYUtv app or at

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