SNAPPED: 1 in 10 Million ultra rare white bison calf

EVANSTON, Wyo – A rare white bison was born at Bear River State Park near Evanston, Wyoming, on Tuesday. TownLift Reporter Michele Roepke got to catch a glimpse of this one in 10 million bison calf on Friday afternoon.

Cowboy State Daily reports that the birth of an albino white bison is a 1-in-10 million event, according to the National Bison Association. The white bison is a sacred sign to the Lakota Sioux and other plains tribes.

This new baby is off-the-charts cute, but the genetics that made it white come from Charolais cattle — and it’s not albino, Sager said.

That tells this animal is special but not especially genetically unique. It’s like the difference between finding an arrowhead and finding the Hope Diamond.

Bear River State Park received two white bison heifers in 2021 from Jackson Fork Ranch in Bondurant. Sager said the second heifer is not expected to produce a calf until next spring.

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