Woman gored by bison at Yellowstone National Park

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. — A 47-year-old Phoenix woman was gored by a bison yesterday morning at Yellowstone National Park, the first goring incident reported this year.

According to a press release from the National Park Service, the woman was walking with another individual in a field near the Lake Lodge Cabins on the north shore of Lake Yellowstone when the pair spotted two bison.

Upon seeing the bison, the visitors turned to walk away from the animals, but one of the bison charged and gored the woman.

The woman sustained significant injuries to her chest and abdomen, and was transported by helicopter to the Eastern Idaho Medical Center. It is unknown how close the two individuals were to the bison when it charged.

This incident remains under investigation, and addition information such as the woman’s identity or current condition are not available at this time.

The National Park Service has provided the following tips for safely navigating animal encounters:

  • Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park are wild and can be dangerous when approached. When an animal is near a campsite, trail, boardwalk, parking lot, or in a developed area, give it space. Stay more than 25 yards (23 m) away from all large animals – bison, elk, bighorn sheep, deer, moose, and coyotes – and at least 100 yards (91 m) away from bears and wolves. If need be, turn around and go the other way to avoid interacting with a wild animal in proximity.
  • During mating season (rut) from mid-July through mid-August, bison can become agitated more quickly. Use extra caution and give them additional space during this time.
  • Bison are unpredictable and can run three times faster than humans.

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