Pure Sweat +Float Studios helping community build a wellness practice

PARK CITY, Utah — Stacey Millhorn, owner of the new Pure Sweat + Float Studios, fell in love with float therapy after experiencing it for herself while living in Nashville. The new studio coming to Park City on May 13 will have five custom infrared saunas and a spacious float suite for two.

The grand opening will be held May 13, 11-2 pm, 1571 W Redstone Center Dr., suite 105. There will be tours of the space and giveaways. The studio will be open for services on May 14.

“Most people are used to float pods; we have a ‘cabin,’ which is actually a room where you step into the water, you have the option to leave the door open if you like,” Millhorn said. “There are stars on the ceiling, light underwater, and you have options for guided meditation, frequencies, and nature sounds under the water. It is all customizable.”

If you are looking for complete sensory deprivation, the cabin can become completely dark and silent. With 1,500 pounds of Epsom salt in the water, you are literally buoyant. Floating in the water with little to no effort allows the body to be completely still and relaxed, reducing stress and anxiety, helping with pain relief and muscle recovery, and drastic increases in the ability to sleep have been noted.

Benefits photo by Pure Sweat

The water is 10-12 inches deep and heated to about 95-96 degrees.

The five infrared saunas at Pure Sweat + Float Studios are not the standard sauna that heats you from the outside in. Instead, these have three different wavelengths of invisible light that heat your body from the inside out. The far infrared is good for detoxification, weight loss, and immune health.

“I have had a shoulder replacement, and I find it really effective in relaxing muscles,” Millhorn said. “The near light is good for skin health, anti-aging, and wound healing. You have the option to use a sheet mask while you are in the sauna and come out nice and dewy. But we are more than a sweat; there is a lot of purpose that goes into what we are doing.”

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