Photo Friday: Frozen reservoir creates a winter enchantment

UTAH — From a photographer’s perspective, winter marks the end of fall colors and a changing environment to sights of white and shades of brown. It can be a challenging time of year to find inspiration, but that doesn’t mean there is none to be found.

Many seasonal changes can be subtle, while others can be drastic. One not often thought of as something beautiful is the freezing of water. From the bubbles trapped in the ice to the branching cracks created, there are abstract scenes to capture from multiple perspectives, and no two designs created on the ice are alike.

A log frozen into Little Dell Reservoir.
A log is frozen in an ice-covered Little Dell Reservoir. Photo: TownLift // Kevin Cody.

The muse was in areas where debris, such as logs, leaves, rock formations, and others, became stuck in the ice as the water froze. Art is certainly subjective, and compositions even more so, but if you take a second to look at something from a different perspective, you never know what you may find.

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