Car insurance rates rose by 9% this year, predicted to raise by additional 7% in 2023

UTAH  — Car insurance rates increased in 2022 and are projected to stay on the rise through 2023, according to a new report from Insurify.

The average cost of car insurance nationwide rose by 9% in 2022, up to $1,777 per year. According to Insurify’s 2022 Auto Insurance Trends Report: Part II, rising inflation and more frequent and severe traffic accidents are the primary causes of the increase. Climate change and rising auto repair costs were also listed as key factors.

Oregon, Maryland, and Virginia experienced the greatest increases in average car insurance costs this year, with premiums rising by more than 25% in all three states. Utah experienced close to a 20% increase.

The report states that the Insurify team has predicted that the average annual car insurance rate will rise by an additional 7% in 2023, up to $1,895.

Percent change in average car insurance costs 2021-2022. Photo: Insurify

According to the trends report, Americans became less interested in electric vehicles and more concerned about insurance prices as this year wore on.

“With national fuel prices cooling off since June, drivers were half as likely to consider purchasing a hybrid or EV in November as they were just four months earlier,” said the report. “However, Americans grew more concerned about insurance prices as the year wore on.”

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