Local Business Spotlight: Mathnasium

PARK CITY, Utah — Redstone-based Mathnasium opened its doors to students last week on September 1. Mathnasium is an international tutoring center that aims to give children the power to achieve excellence-in math and in life.

The Park City Mathnasium franchise owners, Kouy Kolar and Dena Stewart had an instant connection through their love of Park City and their desire to become more involved in the community as local business owners. Mathnasium is the perfect business venture to utilize their combined skills to uplift children in the community.

Kolar holds a B.A. in psychology and a masters in education from USC. She spent five years in the field as a teacher, always relishing the successful teaching moments when concepts “just clicked.” Despite her skill set, as a mother, she experienced how difficult it was to explain concepts to her daughter. While living in Dallas, she enrolled her daughter in Mathnasium and witnessed a transformation. Her daughter soon understood and enjoyed discussing math and, in turn, experienced a boost of self-esteem. When Kolar and her family moved to Park City, she was shocked to find no Mathnasium in the area. That’s when she approached Stewart about starting a business together.

Mathnasium Co-Owners Kouy Koler and Dena Stewart – photo: Joy Conneally Photography

Stewart is a mother of two elementary children and experienced a revelation when supporting her children’s instruction through the pandemic. Despite receiving high marks, she saw that her kids were missing math-related concepts. Stewart knew her kids needed supplementary math education and decided Mathnasium was the best choice after researching and hearing about Kolar’s daughter’s success in the program. She saw opening a Mathnasium franchise with Kolar as a perfect solution to supporting her children’s education and an occasion to utilize her economics degree while operating a rewarding small business.

“We are excited to bring a new, fresh, and much-needed service to the students and families of Park City and surrounding towns of Summit County. Every day we are debunking math myths and showing the community that Math = Fun with Mathnasium!” Kolar and Stewart exclaim.

Mathnasium succeeds through a specialized teaching approach. Kolar and Stewart explain, “We build a math foundation, step by step. The Mathnasium Method™ was developed to teach math in a way that makes sense to kids, starting with what they already know and adding new concepts in sequence.  In addition to customized learning plans and instruction, we also offer homework help and test prep for grades K-12.”

The women describe what motivates them to tutor and educate children in the community.

“We have seen the positive impact that Mathnasium has had on our own kids through their grades and increased confidence in math which extends into all they do. And now, working with other kids and seeing the aha moments when the lightbulb goes on with a new concept is so rewarding.”

People interested in learning more about the program can schedule a risk-free assessment.

In addition, folks who love teaching children and are looking for employment are in luck. “We currently have Instructor, Lead Instructor, and Center Director positions open. We are looking for fun, driven, motivated people who have a passion for math and working with students and are eager to make a difference. Instructors are required to take a math proficiency test as well as pass a background check. We provide paid training on the Mathnasium method, so prior tutoring experience is a plus but not a requirement. To apply, visit our careers page,” Kolar and Stewart explain.


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