Olympian Jeanee Crane-Mauzy fights for climate action

PARK CITY, Utah — Olympic Skier Jeanee Crane-Mauzy moves to represent Vanuatu (islands in the South Pacific) in future Olympic events to raise awareness for climate change. Her actions show a willingness to do whatever is necessary to make a difference. She will speak about her work at the United Nations initiative for climate justice assembly this September.

Crane-Mauzy represented the U.S. at the Innsbruck 2012 Winter Youth Olympics and is a Junior World Ski Championship bronze medalist. Her passion for skiing is a family tradition that goes back to her grandmother, who competed as a professional skier in the 1940s. It’s a competitive drive to focus herself in a competition that has translated into her desire to make a difference with climate change.

When asked why Vanuatu, Crane-Mauzy said that the island is in one of the most vulnerable regions on the planet because of climate change; the UN recently ranked Vanuatu as the most vulnerable country concerning environmental fallout caused by climate change. Scientists have warned citizens to expect rising sea levels, extreme temperatures, and more powerful cyclones this year. Vanuatu’s willingness to stand up to other countries and push for change caught her focus.

Crane-Mauzy’s time in the ski world has allowed her to travel the world and make friends from many different cultures and countries. The friendships opened her mind and taught her the necessity of coming together. Crane-Mauzy is a driven person and comes from a line of passionate individuals.

Her family runs a charity called MoCrazyStrong that helps those who have experienced a sudden blow to the reality of their lives, particularly in the case of traumatic brain injuries. One of the biggest strengths of the program is the idea of finding alternative peaks or the idea of redefining success and finding solutions as you climb your mountain toward your goals.

In many ways, Crane-Mauzy’s fight for climate action reflects her competitive skiing background and her family. Their drive to make a difference is remarkable in a world where tragedy seems to be happening regularly.

Jeanee Crane - Mauzy Jeanee Crane - Mauzy

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