Create a 10x growth plan with the Park City Marketing Club

PARK CITY, Utah — Everyone talks about growth but how do you actually do it?

​How do you integrate brand/growth/product marketing to put together a plan that will help you understand the crazy dynamic environment we all find ourselves in?

​Is there a framework that helps marketers actually be able to repeat growth regardless of the business and the industry?

​In this month’s Park City Marketing Club meeting, John Huntinghouse, VP of Marketing for TAB Bank, will share his key frameworks and process that has helped him find growth and success for various types of businesses and industries.

You’ll learn:

  1. ​How to develop a growth model and create a GTM strategy that works.
  2. ​Learning how to setup proper experiment design for your growth strategy
  3. ​Learn how to assess product/market fit and understand your product’s natural usage frequency
  4. ​Understand how to build out a growth flywheel and build out habit loops to retain your customers

🗓 Details: Monday, July 18, 4pm, Kiln Park City
👉 RSVP: https://lu.ma/10xGrowth

About John

John Huntinghouse is the VP of Marketing for TAB Bank, a digital, online bank located in Ogden, Utah. John has over 14 years of executive marketing experience and has been featured in Forbes, Buzzfeed, E-online, and numerous online publications for his work. He has his M.B.A. from the University of Utah and has taught over 500 students at various colleges and universities.

His life’s mission other than his family is to elevate others by breaking down perceived barriers to their dreams. John actively gives back to the community by serving on multiple advisory boards, organizations and speaks at various educational and industry conferences each year.

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