SCOTT Sports says Follow Your Vision

SALT LAKE CITY – Have you ever wondered what an athlete’s journey to the top looks like? How it feels? What drives them and makes them work so hard towards their goals? Scott Sports asked its world-class athletes what it means for them to “Follow Your Vision.” Read on to find out what keeps them going on their quest of breaking records and hunting for podiums.

Vincent Tupin – Bike

“Following your vision means a lot to me. As a Freerider, I like to build my own tracks and ride with my own style. There are no rules to be followed, and I aim to do my things the way I want without compromise.”

Andy Symonds photo: SCOTT Sports.

 Andy Symonds – Running

“Critical to sport and to life is keeping sight of where I am and where I’m going. Where am I going right now, where I’m going tomorrow and where I’m going in the more distant future. My vision defines the meaning of all this and provides purpose, motivation, and meaning. Set a vision and keep following it!”

Jackie Passo – Wintersport

“Following my vision to me means having goals in life and working hard to make them become a reality. Most importantly, doing it in your own way by following how you’ve envisioned achieving those dreams and goals. I follow my vision by staying true to myself!”

Marine Cabirou – Bike

“My vision is to be a better version of myself, to follow my passion, and give my best every time. You should always believe in yourself and never forget to have fun and enjoy the ride.”

Simon Langenfelder photo: SCOTT Sports.

Simon Langenfelder – Motosport

“Following your vision, to me, means that you always have your goal in mind, and you try to achieve it by trying to be better than you were yesterday. For sure, I also had up and downs, but to come back stronger after a period that wasn’t ideal is what made me who I am now.”

Jeremie Heitz – Wintersport

“Being able to follow your own vision is the most valuable lifestyle you could ever have.”

Kristina Schou Madsen, photo: SCOTT Sports.

Kristina Madsen – Running

“To follow my vision is for me to find out what is clear and important and then go after my goal. To reach and follow a vision, you need to be able to envision and focus on making the right choices. A clear sight is everything.”

To help athletes see challenges instead of obstacles, fans see what others can’t, and everyday hustlers have the courage to follow their vision and reach their dreams, SCOTT Sport has created the Pro Shield Sunglasses that are optimized for performance with advanced ventilation for the speediest of riders.

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