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Calls for Service: Two non-threatening gun incidents reported at Park City schools

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah. — Calls for service to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) and Park City Police Department (PCPD) for the week of May 23 — May 30.


Monday (5/23):

SCSO: Deputies responded to a vehicle burglary incident near Summit Park where a complainant stated that an unknown person had accessed an unlocked vehicle parked on his property and removed the hard cover convertible top. No suspect information was available.


Tuesday (5/24):

SCSO:  A fraud incident was reported in regards to an incident that occurred on March 22 where the complainant used an internet website to purchase a tractor from LLC equipment sales in New Mexico. The purchase of $18,500 was handled by a wire transfer. After many attempts to arrange delivery of the tractor, the complainant discovered the website was a scam. According to the complainant, the incident is being investigated by the Attorney General’s Office and the Federal Trade Commission. The case was also forwarded to Summit County Investigations.


Wednesday (5/25):

PCPD: Park City Police in search of two suspects following home break-in.

PCPD: Libertarian Summit County Council candidate Michael Franchek was standing, adjacent to the Park City High School property, holding a political sign, during a school concert. A small group of students were walking to the concert when he initiated a conversation in which he asked them their thoughts on the Second Amendment. He then lifted his shirt to expose a gun in his waistband. The students recorded video of him as they walked to the school, told a staff member, who alerted police. The police arrived, communicated that he had a Concealed Carry permit and secured the premises.


Thursday (5/26):

SCSO: A complainant reported that an unknown suspect had opened an online payday loan using her information.  It is unknown who opened the account, and no suspect was able to be identified with the information that was provided. The complainant requested to have the incident documented in a police report so that she can provide the report to the online company where her information was used.


Friday (5/27):

SCSO: Summit County Sheriff’s issue community warning after discovery of Fentanyl laced marijuana.

SCSO: Deputies responded to Bells Sinclair in Coalville for a reported theft of gasoline. The theft was reported approximately 15 minutes after it occurred. Deputies circulated, but due to the time lapse, the suspects were not located. A follow-up will be conducted by the reporting deputy.


Saturday (5/28):

SCSO: Deputies responded to a Kimball Junction restaurant regarding a past occurred burglary. After typing in the known door code, the suspect entered the store, made their way quickly to the room with the cash safe, entered the correct safe code and removed more than $300 cash, and exited within the two-minute window before the alarm was triggered. Employees were interviewed about past employees having access. The employees supplied a list of 13 employees that know the codes to the door and the safe. Video footage was obtained but the suspect’s face is concealed by a hoodie. This case will be forwarded to investigations for follow-up.


Sunday (5/29):

SCSO: Deputies responded to a car theft near the Canyon Creek Apartments. The victim had left her vehicle unlocked on May 28 and an unknown person entered her vehicle and stole multiple items.  No suspect information or workable evidence was located.


Monday (5/30):

SCSO & PCPD: On Monday, a Park City student uploaded a concerning and suspicious social media post with an air gun in an image, along with a filter/image of a bloody face. Students and adults then reported and forwarded those images to the Park City Police Department for investigation. The PCPD, as well as SCSO, launched an immediate investigation, located the minor and their parent, verified that the image was of an airsoft “look-alike” weapon rather than an actual firearm, and successfully concluded the investigation with the full cooperation of those involved, according to the Park City School District.

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