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Sugar House teen shot at with real gun after Orbeez TikTok challenge

SALT LAKE CITY — A woman in Sugar House reported that her teenage son came face-to-face with a gun in relation to a new TikTok challenge involving Orbeez gel pellets.

The “Orbeez challenge” is currently a popular trend on TikTok where people drive by and shoot at others with Orbeez beads which are small pellets made of gel.

“It was scary. I didn’t know what to even think,” Melanie Pollock of Sugar House told Fox13.

Pollock claimed that her son was eating lunch with his friends outside Highland High School in Sugar House when a car pulled up and began shooting at them with Orbeez gel pellets. In response, Pollock’s son and the rest of his friends pursued the vehicle to confront the shooters. However, The high schoolers lost the car and returned to their original spot, but the vehicle turned up again.

Upon returning, Pollock claimed that someone in the car pulled out a real gun and proceeded to shoot at one of the friend’s vehicles before driving off.

“My son confronted him like, ‘Hey, why are you shooting at us?’ And I guess one of them pulled a real gun on them,” she told Fox13.

“Nobody wants to hear that their child got a gun in their face — a real one,” she continued.

In addition to this incident, there have been similar reports statewide as a teen was struck in the eye in Ogden last week which caused permanent damage. Police in Draper have also shared similar reports of the “Orbeez challenge” as well.

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