Snow Creek businesses impacted by flood

PARK CITY, Utah — Tatiana Portella opened Baby NeeNee, a baby store in Snow Creek Plaza, on Monday, September 6.

On Tuesday, she was forced to deal with flooding because of a broken water line on Boot Hill.

As she watched water pile up along the outside of her store near the courtyard, she yearned officials at the scene to help her out.

“Over the past two hours I’ve been telling the City, the people here from the City, that they needed to pump the water, because it was going to go through my foundation,” Portella said.

Cleanup at Baby NeeNee on Wednesday morning, September 8. Photo: Tatiana Portella

“They said that wasn’t an emergency,” she said.

While the damage that occurred wasn’t severe, she felt the situation was completely avoidable.

Rush Hotchkiss, manager at The Market, also said the effects of the flooding weren’t severe, but it left a mess. He said in the worst spots they’re dealing with three inches of mud in the store.

While water did leak in, he credited the grocery staff’s effort in setting up a wall of rags and trash can liners to their success in mitigating the flooding.

Maika Taylor, who works at Beauty Zone, reported water in their store as well.

She said while the entire staff was out front forming a wall with their specialized salon brooms to keep the water out, the back of the store was being flooded.

Taylor said the incident was easy to square away.

Portella of Baby NeeNee said on Wednesday morning that the cleanup at her store was going better than she had expected.

“We acted quickly last night and I think we saved the walls, they are drying well. We probably won’t have to cut walls. Baseboards will go back on later this week,” Portella said.

“I hope the City realized they need to rework the courtyard so it doesn’t again create a river toward my store again if the main drain gets plugged.”

The drain that was plugged next to Baby NeeNee. Photo taken on Wednesday morning, September 8. Credit: Tatiana Portella

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