Doing this thing will make you a Summit County local’s local

KAMAS, Utah. — Call in the afternoon before and order your donuts for the next morning at the Mirror Lake Station on the corner of urban and rural, better known as Main St. and the Mirror Lake Highway in Kamas, Utah. Locals know full well to stop in and buy donuts, hoping their favorites are still available, however, local’s locals take it that one step further.

Sunday marked an end of an era, a temporary end hopes store owners Kristen and David Wade.

A big blueberry fritter fighting for space in the box atop an apple one with a pen to show scale. Photo: Michele Roepke

The Wades work long hours at the station and not just because it’s Utah State Fair season where they show their lambs. More so because the pandemic-driven, widespread staffing shortages have hit home in this small town of 2,500 people.

Their bakery employees are also working long hours and although all stakeholders couldn’t be more grateful for the consistent business flow, something’s gotta give.

Kristen said, “We can’t keep up with all the awesome donut requests anymore. My bakery employees are exhausted.” So, until further notice, there are no more donuts, of any variety, available on Sundays. “The bakery is Monday thru Saturday only as of now.”

The largely word-of-mouth patronage also goes for the gas and the car wash, and the beef jerky and the slushies and the dog food and the six-packs and all the usual trappings of a thoroughly modern convenience store.

Born and raised in Kamas, the Wades and their five children are just following in their parent’s footsteps by living, working, and playing there.

“Hands down, the biggest seller is the big fritters, there’s raspberry, apple and blueberry and they won the big prize at the Utah Dough Show,” said Kristen.”I wish we could say we started this fun food trend but it’s just been here our whole lives and when we bought it, it came with it and it’s just been carried on and on and on.”

To be able to start selling donuts on Sundays again, they’re hiring. Call (435) 783-4375, to apply for a job or to order your donut for the following day.


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