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Police and Sheriff’s log: Calls for service

Bees, bars, and bobcats highlight the calls for service to the Park City Police Department (PCPD) and the Summit County Sheriffs Department for the week of March 29th to April 4th.


PCPD officers received a call from someone requesting advice on how, where, when they could turn in an old gun to be disposed of properly.

SCSD deputies received a call from a hotel employee at Park City Mountain Canyons Village area. She said $400 cash and a credit card were stolen from her the week prior. She saw on her credit card statement a day after the theft that there were unauthorized purchases made at Best Buy. Best Buy security video is being reviewed. 


A mountain lion was reported to PCPD in a Park Meadows yard and was headed up PC Hill.


PCPD officers received reports from the Prospector area from property owners saying that their houses had fraudulently been listed as rentals on Facebook.

PCPD officers were notified that a horse with a saddle but no rider was wandering the Park Meadows neighborhood. Officers found the horse then found the owner and facilitated in reuniting the two. The owner said the horse had gotten away from her.


A caller told PCPD officers that after skiing at Park City Mountain, he changed out of his ski pants, which had his wallet in them, in the parking lot. He asked for assistance in finding his lost wallet since he left the pants on top of the car, drove away, heard a thud but didn’t, at the time, realize the thud was likely his wallet being left in the lot. 

PCPD received a call from a person watching a group of people at Deer Valley. They said that they’d arrived from the East Coast and they’re attempting to get into The Bald Eagle Club however the code to the gate they were using wasn’t working.

PCPD officers were called to the parking lot of the 7-11 on Sidewinder Dr. because there was a fight happening among several young men. All of the guys drove away before officers could get there. Officers are conducting follow-ups and at least one person involved has been identified.

SCSD deputies received a call stating that sometime in the prior two weeks a beehive containing live bees and honey was stolen from the Summit Community Gardens. 
SCSD deputies responded to a call from the Tommy Hilfiger store at the Outlet Mall. Someone had stolen items from the store and as they left, the manager was able to take a picture of the suspect’s car’s license plate. A deputy was able to find the registered owner and had the store manager identify if it was her by her driver’s license picture, which it was. The suspect was identified as a 35-year-old woman from Salt Lake City. The deputy contacted the suspect by phone who denied being at the outlets nor anywhere near the area. The County Attorney is following up.


PCPD officers reported to the No Name Saloon on Main Street. A man was taken to jail after he was denied entry by bar employees who deemed him too drunk to go inside. He argued with the staff and physically tried to get past them at the door to get inside. He was not successful and finally left. Approximately 20 minutes later, he came back, tried to get in again, was denied entry again then proceeded to try to punch a member of the bar staff.

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